Halloween Special Pre-Order Starting from 15th Oct - 28th Oct 2021. Pickup & Delivery Period will be on 29th Oct - 31st Oct 2021.

The delivery is based on the date selected by customers. We will deliver according to the date shown on invoice which is selected by customers. ALL ITEMS ARE PRE-ORDERED. 

  • No changes on delivery date if invoice had been generated. 
  • Delivery time will start around 12:00pm - 2:00pm during operating hours. Receiving time might be vary depends on locations and route of delivery.
  • Customers can arrange own delivery man in between our delivery time. However, delivery date cannot be changed.
  • All deliverables must be collected on the exact date of delivery, kindly contact us if you unable to make it on the exact date.
  • No changes on delivery addresses. Customer will bear the extra charges if there is any changes made on the same day. Changes of address must be made 1 day in advance before your delivery date to prevent extra charges.
  • Customer are responsible for the item lost IF the item already reach the delivery destination as stated in the order. This is to prevent any misunderstanding such as missing / spoiled item when the recipient tell the riders / drivers to leave the item at the lobby OR Guard house. We encourage recipient to collect the item once the rider / driver had contacted. 

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